Vol 9 (2013)

The 9th International Conference on Intelligent Unmanned Systems | Sept 25-27, 2013 | Jaipur, India

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Design and Development of Integrated Micro Autopilot module with 10 state Sensor Suite and Data Logger for Micro Air Vehicle PDF
C M Ananda, Pankaj Akula, Pavan Kumar
Design and Implementation of Fault Tolerant Wireless Control: Aircraft Braking System Case Study PDF
Vigneshwaran Venugopalan
Design of a precise tracking shape memory alloy wire actuated gripper PDF
S. Krishna Chaitanya, K. Dhanalakshmi
Semi Autonomous Hovering of a Mini Helicopter with Tethers PDF
Pathuri Haritha
Laboratory Testing for ITB HALE-UAV Control System PDF
K Muljowidodo
State Estimation of Spiraling Target using Divided Difference Kalman Filter PDF
Abhijit Bhattacharyya
Real time Software-in-the-Loop Simulation for Micro Air Vehicles Using Model Based Design PDF
C Kamali
Design of Autopilot for MAV using Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion PDF
R Guruganesh
Image Mosaicing using Cylindrical Mapping PDF
S M Vaitheeswaran
Evaluation of Display Methods for Teleoperation of Road Vehicles PDF
Frederic Chucholowski
Image Forgery Detection and Classification using HMM and SVM Classifier PDF
Mohammad Farukh Hashmir, Avinash G. Keskar
Application of Fuzzy Logic to develop a wildland fire-predicting UAS PDF
Kelly Cohen
Flight Data Analyses of Fiber Optic Based Airworthy Structural Health Monitoring System for UAV using Artificial Neural Networks PDF
Nitesh Gupta
Implementation of S-Band Digital Telemetry Link on FPGA platforms for airborne systems PDF
Mohammad Kapadiya, Aniket Hendre, K Krishna Naik, C Bhattacharya
Nanocomposite Strain Sensors for Large Strain Sensing on Flexible Membrane PDF
D Roy Mahapatra
Development of a Generic, Modular, Micro Navigation and Control Module for Intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robots PDF
Nitin Kumar Gupta
A Turn By Turn Combined Wheel-Torquer Actuated Attitude Control System for Space Capsule Recovery Experiment (SRE) PDF
P Natarajan
Active Shape Control of Parabolic Antenna Systems Using Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) PDF
Praveen Kumar, Bishakh Bhattacharya
Implementation of CPG based locomotion controller on Minimule Robot PDF
Shubhi Purwar
Signal Contour Tracking using a Mobile Robot PDF
Ashish Derhgawen
Dynamics model of a flapping-type tidal energy harvester PDF
Tri Quang Truong, Patar Ebenezer Sitorus, Hoon Cheol Park, Indra Hartarto Tambunan, Adi Putra Hendra, Jin Hwan Ko, Taesam Kang
Control System Design for Flapping-type Tidal Energy Harvester PDF
Indra Hartarto Tambunan, Taesam Kang, Adi Putra Hendra, Hoon Cheol Park, Jin Hwan Ko
Design and Development of Autonomous Coaxial Rotor Micro Air Vehicle PDF
Abhishek Abhishek
Autonomous Attitude Stabilization of a Quadrotor PDF
Rama Murthy
Controller for Attitude Stabilization with Disturbance Rejection for Steady Hover of Rotary-Wing Flying Robot PDF
Sarbari Datta
Autonomous control of a Quadrotor UAV using Fuzzy Logic PDF
Kelly Cohen
Auto-tuning Control of Multi-rotor Helicopter for Industrial Application PDF
Kenzo Nonami
Crossover based Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Numerical Optimization Problem PDF
Sandeep Kumar
Bio-inspired Self-Healing Materials- A Novel Approach
Samata Jain, Sushma Jain, Jeetendra Kumar Banshiwal
Experimental Study on Assessment of Impact of Biometric Parameter’s Fusion on Drowsiness Detection Using Support Vector Machine PDF
V B Hemadri
IP Based Integrated Combat Operations centre PDF
Narendra Singh Yadav
A Novel Approach in Mine Rescue Operation using Rescue Robot PDF
C D Bhos
Model of an Intelligent Automobile Driving Assistance System PDF
L N Paattanaik
FPGA based Battery Management System for battery powered Electric cars PDF
Dennis Babu, Anirudh Kumar, Joydeb Roy Chowdhury
Gust and Flapping Flight PDF
Avneet Hira
Effects of Wing Size and Aspect Ratio of a Passively Twisted Flapping Wing on Aerodynamic Force Generation PDF
Debopam Das
Cooperative Localization of MAVs in GPS Denied Environment PDF
D. Ghose
Human-in-Loop Hierarchical Control of Multi-UAV Systems PDF
Shripad Gade, Ashok Joshi
Multi-robot Base Connectivity Constrained Task Servicing PDF
Parikshit Maini, P. B. Sujit
Implementation of Collective Target Enclosing Strategy with Multiple UAVs using Hardware In-Loop Simulator PDF
Sangeeta Daingade
Performance Evaluation of Clustering Protocols for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
S. Taruna
Onboard estimation and correction of magnetometer bias in MEMS based Tri axial Inertial Measurement Unit PDF
Divya Rao
VILS: A Vision-In-The-Loop-Simulation Platform for Vision based Studies on UAVs PDF
Debasish Ghose
Unmanned Marine Vehicles PDF
Cadet Anubhav Kumar
Testing of ITB Hybrid AUV Bouyancy Engine PDF
K. Muljowidodo
Behavior-based Control of Two Mobile Robots in Parallel Formation PDF
P. V. Manivannan
Development of Piezo-Actuated Wings for Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle PDF
Anjana Jain, Siva Subba Rao, Rajeev Jain
Determination of Flow Field Due to Clap and Fling Motion of a Rigid Flapping Wing Using LBM Simulation PDF
Debopam Das
Effects of Chord Wise Flexibility of Flapping Wing on Aerodynamic Force Generation PDF
Debopam Das
Forecasting of Hazardous Weather Phenomena in a Complex Meteorological Support System for UAVs PDF
Z. Bottyán, F. Wantuch, Z. A. Gyöngyösi
INS/GPS Fusion for Navigation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles PDF
Sanketh Ailneni
Closed Loop Guidance Algorithm for Constant Thrust Soft Landing on Lunar Surface PDF
P. Natarajan
Extended Vector Explicit Guidance for Midcourse with Near-Zero Lateral Acceleration in Exo-atmosphere PDF
Abhijit Bhattacharyya
Vision Based Tracking of Moving Target for Autonomous Ground Vehicle PDF
Sangram K. Behera, Hemanth Kumar, S. M. Vaitheeswaran
Design of Patch Antenna with a Triangular Tapered Feed for Tri band Operation PDF
J. B. Jadhav
Effects of Wing Size and Aspect Ratio of a Passively Twisted Flapping Wing on Aerodynamic Force Feneration PDF
Debopam Das
State of the Art Structural Fatigue Analyzer for the Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) PDF
Manju Nanda
Realization of Automatic Test System for Flight Critical Avionics LRU Based on LabVIEW Platform PDF
Chandra Prakash
Design and Development of Three Bladed Propeller for Micro Air Vehicles PDF
S. Krishna Murthy
High-Speed Shadowgraph Visualisation of Flow in a Miniature Hydrogen-Fuelled Valveless Pulsejet Engine PDF
C Rajashekar
Electro Active Polymer-based Dimple Actuators with Ultra-thin Metal Electrode for Flow Control PDF
K. T. Madhavan
Semi-Autonomous Coaxial Twin Contra-Rotor Helicopter PDF
Pradeep Kumar Yadav, K. P. Karunakaran

ISSN: 2508-4127