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VILS: A Vision-In-The-Loop-Simulation Platform for Vision based Studies on UAVs

Debasish Ghose


Vision based systems are rapidly growing. However a simulator that can perform the required vision based simulation for verifying and validating algorithms is not common. Due to lack of such simulators, more often than not, the algorithms are frozen only after several trials on the actual prototype platform which is time consuming and expensive. The paper brings out the development of a Vision-in-the-Loop-Simulation platform (VILS) that facilitates vision based development studies on UAVs. The simulator is a self-contained, compact, low cost, PC/Laptop based set-up developed using Matlab and FlightGear software. The paper also develops a novel image processing algorithm for roll attitude determination using the Earth’s horizon in the presence of foreground objects by focusing on the central portion of the image. The Simulation results of testing the algorithm on the developed VILS is also presented.

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