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Dynamics Modeling and Parameter Estimation for Small Scale Vehicle Navigation System

Hady Efendy


This paper describes the development of dynamic model of small scale vehicle based on an Ackermanlike vehicle and Dugoff’s tire model. The input of the model are steering angle and the rotational velocity of drive wheel (rear wheel in this case). A 3-DOF vehicle model has been developed in terms of vehicle center of gravity velocity and the vehicle yaw rate. The tire cornering stiffness is obtained by experiment using Dugoff’s tire model. The model will be suitable for modeling dynamic vehicle behavior in lane keeping and obstacle avoidance using active steering control. The physical model is based on the previous work combined with the tire model that is simple in practice. An instrumented experimental RC car platform is developed to verify the model using several steering input maneuvers where a system identification is done for obtaining estimated parameters in the model.

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