Vol 6 (2010)

The 6th International Conference on Intelligent Unmanned Systems | Nov 3,-5 2010 | Bali, Indonesia

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Topology Optimization of a Flapping Wing using Equivalent Static Loads PDF
Jung-Sun Choi, Liangyu Zhao, Gyung-Jin Park, Sunil K. Agrawal, Raymond M. Kolonay
Design and Implementation of a Danger-aware Operational Flight Program for an Unmanned Helicopter PDF
Hogeun Song, Jungguk Kim, Shin Heu
Communication Support for Collaborative Embedded Controllers in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles PDF
Sang-Hun Lee, Hyun-Wook Jin
Experiments and Numerical Simulations for the Quantification of Lift in Flapping Flight PDF
K. R. Sreenivas
Design and Testing of an Unmanned Small-scale Air-Land-Water Vehicle PDF
Arhami Mutalib, Khalid Hasnan, Abas Wahab
Towards Autonomous MAV Control in Atmospheric Turbulence PDF
S. Watkins
Formation of 3D Outlines of Objects Using MOPS and SIFT Using Monocular Vision PDF
Sang-Heon Park, Jeong-Oog Lee
System Identification of NN-based Model Reference Control of RUAV During Hover PDF
Bhaskar Prasad Rimal, Idris E. Putro, Agus Budiyono, Dugki Min, Eunmi Choi
Nonlinear Geometric and Differential Geometric Guidance of UAVs with Vision Sensing for Reactive Collision Avoidance PDF
R. Padhi
Reactive Obstacle Avoidance using Aiming Point Guidance PDF
C. Chawla, R. Padhi
Field Evaluation of a Mobile Robotic Unit for Fruit Harvesting PDF
A. Al-Janobi, S. Al-Hamed, S. Al-Suhaibani
Optimal Path Planning for Small UAVs in Wind PDF
Sikha Hota, Debasish Ghose
Fabrication of Photolithography Micro-grating pattern for DNA Optical Biosensors PDF
Naphat Chathirat
Increasing the Autonomy of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles with a Game Theory Approach PDF
D. Taurino, S. Taraglio, A. Tedeschi, A. Pasquini, V. Nanni
3C-3D Velocity Field Measurements of the Wake Region of Low Reynolds Number Flow around a Flat Plate Undergoing Transient Pitch-Ramp Motion PDF
A-J. Buchner, J. Soria
Formal Verification of Process Communications in Operational Flight Program for a Small-Scale Unmanned Helicopter PDF
Dong-Ah Lee, Junbeom Yoo, Doo-Hyun Kim
Vision-based Autonomous Landing for UAV Using Blocked Histogram Matching PDF
Kiho Cho, Dongwoon Jeon, Doo-Hyun Kim
Antennal Positioning Behavior in Flying Insects PDF
Sanjay P. Sane
Vision Based 3D Map Building Indoor Environment PDF
Sungyu Im, Jungken Park, Keun-Hwan Lee, Jeong-Oog Lee
Dynamic Behaviors of Butterfly Wing and Their Application to Small Flapping Robot PDF
M. Fuchiwaki, T. Imura, K. Tanaka
Vortex Flow Developed in the Vicinity of a Wall of an Elastic Heaving Airfoils and its Dynamic Behavior PDF
M. Fuchiwaki
Fluid Structure Interaction Simulation of Flow Field around Elastic Moving Airfoils PDF
T. Nagata, M. Fuchiwaki
Experimental Analysis of Primary-Shadow Replication Scheme for Fault-Tolerant Operational Flight Program of Small UAV PDF
Junyeong Kim, Nodir Kodirov, Doo-Hyun Kim, Chun-Hyon Chang, Changjoo Kim, Yonghyun Kim
Experimental Effectiveness Analysis of EDF-eCos for Real-Time computing in Small Unmanned Helicopter OFP PDF
Nodir Kodirov, Doo-Hyun Kim, Jun-Yeong Kim, Chang-Joo Moon
Numerical Study of Unsteady Flow past a Circular Cylinder PDF
M. Kim, J. Kim
Beetle’s Elytra Inspired Structure Design and Its Mechanical Properties Investigation PDF
Ce Guo
Use of a Piezocomposite Generating Element in Harvesting Wind Energy in Urban Regions PDF
Cam Minh Tri, Hung Truyen Luong, Nam Seo Goo, Hoon Cheol Park
Understanding Flapping Flight through PIV Measurements on a Butterfly Simulating Model PDF
Debopam Das
Configuration Design and Optimization Study on Compound Gyroplane PDF
Young Jae Lee
The RoboFriend Research Project PDF
Sami Salama Hajjaj
Real-Time Linux-based Rotorcraft UAV Flight Control Software Development PDF
Kiseok Park
Setup Hardware in the Loop Simulation (HILS) For Justification of UAV Design And Implementation of Strategic Control PDF
Herma Yudhi Irwanto, Wahidin Wahab
Sampled Values Transmission based on Network Protocol Design for Intelligent System PDF
Seunghwan Choi, Taikyeong Jeong
Multi-Agent Rendezvous Algorithms under Various Information Paradigms PDF
Kaushik Das, Debasish Ghose
Autonomous Functions for UAV Surveillance PDF
J. Rydell
Modeling and Simulation of Micro-Manipulator Robotic System for Neurosurgery PDF
Ya’akob Yusof, M. R. Arshad
Vision-based Virtual Input Using Gesture Recognition for Robotic Platform Control PDF
Nadira Nordin, M. R. Arshad
Control and Visualization System for UAV Helicopter using the HIL Simulation PDF
Vignesh Kumar Chandhrasekaran, Eunmi Choi, Dugki Min
Bukit Merah Lake Contour Mapping using Swarm of mini ASVs PDF
Zulkifli Zainal Abidin, M. R. Arshad
An Application of the Blade Element Theory to Estimate Unsteady Aerodynamic Force Produced by a Flapping Wing PDF
H. C. Park
Genetic PD Control for Two-Link Manipulator Using Inverse Dynamics PDF
Osama I. Hassanein, Sreenatha G. Anavatti, Tapabrata Ray
PID and Fuzzy Control of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles PDF
S. A. Salman, Sreenatha A. Anavatti, T. Asokan
A Novel Hovering Mechanism from a Flapping Two-Dimensional Flexible Foil PDF
Jaywant H. Arakeri, Sachin Y. Shinde
Development of EM Simulator for Sea Bed Logging Applications using MATLAB PDF
Hanita Daud, Noorhana Yahya, Khairul Ihsan
Numerical Simulation of Flapping Airfoil Aerodynamics Using a Lagrangian Particle Based Technique PDF
S. Sarkar
Unsteady Wake Characteristics of a Flapping Wing Through 3D TR-PIV PDF
Debopam Das
H∞ Robust Controller for a Small Scale Autonomous Helicopter Hovering Control PDF
Rini Akmeliawati
High Order Accurate and Efficient Computation Via Wavelet Transformation Method PDF
Hyungmin Kang, Dohyung Lee
Propulsion of an Oscillating Flexible Foil PDF
Mysa Ravi Chaithanya, Kartik Venkatraman
Pitch Ramp Maneuvers as a Prototypical Case in Low Reynolds Number Unsteady Aerodynamics PDF
OL Michael, Kenneth Granlund, Luis Bernal
Safety Analysis of Helicopter Models using Hybrid Systems with Geometric Programming PDF
Salmah Salmah, Endra Joelianto, Noorma Y. Megawati, Agus Budiyono, Herman Y. Sutarto, Indah Emilia
Development of KU-Quadrotor Control System for Indoor Application PDF
Gilar B. Raharja
The Development of A Novel Fault Identification Technique by Combining Minimum-Distance Pattern-Recognition and Discrete Wavelet Transform PDF
Pulung Nurprasetio
System Identification of Secondary Path in ANC using Combined FIR and Functional Link Artificial Neural Network PDF
R. Y. Redi, Riyanto T. Bambang
Multiple UAV Collision Avoidance Using Realistic UAV Models PDF
Joel George, Debasish Ghose
Multiple UAV Rendezvous with Collision Avoidance PDF
Joel George, Debasish Ghose
Facet Classification in 3D polygon Maps for Autonomous Vehicle Localisation PDF
S. Thompson
Comparison of Closed-Loop Systems Performance Using Low-Order Controllers via Model Reduction: Heat Conduction Case PDF
Fatmawati Fatmawati, Riyanto Bambang
Automatic Control Design for Cost-effective Wastewater Treatment PDF
Seno D. Panjaitan, Berlian Sitorus
Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Octorotor PDF
Riyanto Bambang
Virtual Prototype Design of UAV Flight Control System PDF
Wang Xichao
Development of Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation for Visual Target Tracking of Octorotor UAV PDF
Ryan Triadhitama, Riyanto Bambang, Widyawardana Adiprawita, Artiko Wibowo
Rotor Load Measurements and Stabilization in Tethered Hover of a Mini-Helicopter PDF
Bharati Swaroop, H. Ravinder, C. Venkatesan
Dynamic System Identification of Unmanned Air Vehicle Octorotor Helicopter PDF
Riyanto Bambang
Model Predictive Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle PDF
Agus Budiyono
Nonlinear Modeling of Quadrotor Aerial Vehicle PDF
Idris E. Putro, Agus Budiyono, K. J. Yoon
Color Constancy in RoboCup Robot Vision PDF
Yasunori Takemura, Kazuo Ishii
Deliberative Behavior Planner for UGV with Actively Articulated Suspension on Unstructured Terrain Using Q-Learning with Expert Model PDF
Kyeong Bin Lim, Yong-San Yoon
Development of Linear Parameter Varying Control System for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle PDF
H.Y Sutarto, Agus Budiyono
System Identification using Modular Network SOM (mnSOM) PDF
Muhammad Aziz Muslim, Goegoes Dwi Nusantoro
H-Infinity Control System Design for a Small Scale Autonomous Helicopter with Nonlinear Dynamics and Uncertainties PDF
Taesam Kang
Parameter Identification and a Robust Controller Design for an Autonomous Quad-rotor Application PDF
Taesam Kang
Dynamics Modeling and Parameter Estimation for Small Scale Vehicle Navigation System PDF
Hady Efendy
Unsteady Aerodynamics of Flapping Wing of a Bird PDF
Mochammad Agoes Moelyadi, Hendra Adi Putra
Development of Dynamic Load Cell and Data Acquisition System for Flapping Wing Force Measurement PDF
S. P. Pramudita, Lavi R. Zuhal
Safety Analysis of a Class of Timed Automata Hybrid Systems with SOS PDF
Noorma Y. Megawati, Indah Emilia
Development of Quad Rotor Based UAV Model of Flying Car PDF
K. Muljowidodo, Djarot Widagdo
Design and Analysis of Valveless Pulsejet PDF
M. A. Moelyadi
Cruciform Fin Actuator for UAV Control Surface PDF
Endra Joelianto, K. Muljowidodo, Sapto Adi Nugroho
Design of SWATH Based Unmanned Surface Vehicle PDF
K. Muljowidodo, Sapto Nugroho, Nico Prayogo, Munif Sudaryono
Pitch and Yawing Fin Control Maneuver on Quadrotor PDF
K. Muljowidodo, W. H. Kurniantoro, Sapto Nugroho
Vibration Cancellation by sacrificed mass method for UAV Gymbal Camera PDF
Wayan Suweca, K. Muljowidodo
Output Feedback Controller for Dissipative Networked Control Systems via Markovian Jump System Approach PDF
Asep Najmurrokhman, Bambang Riyanto, Arief Syaichu Rohman, Romeo Ortega
Flight Control of a Biological Robot via Neurocybernetics Interface PDF
Doyoung Byun, Laura Corley Lavine, Douglas J. Emlen, Hoon Cheol Park
Unsteady Force Measurement of SD7003 Foil Under Pitch-Up, Hold and Pitch-Down Motion at Re = 1.2x104 for Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) Applications PDF
Chai Wee Sern, Srigrarom Sutthiphong
Camera Locking Algorithm for Target Follower Function on Quadrotor PDF
K. Muljowidodo, Mohammad A. Rasyid
H∞ Control of Nonlinear Polynomial Fuzzy Systems: A Sum of Squares Approach PDF
Wibowo S. Bomo, Riyanto Bambang
Development of Sea Glider Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (SG-AUV) for Marine Exploration and Monitoring PDF
Riyanto Bambang
Multiple Target Tracking Using Ant Colony Optimization and Artificial Neural Network PDF
Endra Joelianto
An Optimal Control Design of Albatrosses Dynamic Soaring with Crosswind PDF
Herry Lukas, Endra Joelianto
Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Control Systems Design using Robust Guaranteed Cost Control Based PID Controller PDF
Endra Joelianto, Helmi Cordova, W. Adiprawita
Dynamic Optimization based Control System Design for Minimal Time Multi Way Points Tracking of A Quadrotor UAV PDF
Endra Joelianto
Multi Way Points Tracking Control System Design of A Quadrotor UAV by Means of Dynamic Optimization PDF
Endra Joelianto
Model Predictive Control System Design for a Small Scale Autonomous Helicopter PDF
Endra Joelianto, Agus Budiyono
Speed Control of DC Servomotor using Fuzzy Hybrid Reference Control PDF
Endra Joelianto
Octorotor UAV for Visual Target Tracking PDF
Riyanto Bambang
Optical Flow Tracking algorithm for Quadrotor Positioning Control PDF
K. Muljowidodo, Mohammad A. Rasyid
Linear Quadratic Regulator Control Design for an Autonomous Small Scale Helicopter PDF
Agus Budiyono
Hovering Control for a Small Scale Helicopter under Wind Disturbance PDF
Agus Budiyono
Remote Monitoring of Carbon Dioxide Concentration in Yogyakarta City PDF
G. Nugroho
Dynamics Modeling, Hybrid Controller Design and Simulation for a Small-size Autonomous Helicopter PDF
G. Nugroho
Design of Systems for Underwater Optical Imaging in the Presence of Particulates PDF
Lei Tian, Jonathan C. Petruccelli, Jason S. Ku, Xiaogang Liu, George Barbastathis
Subspace LPV Identification of Secondary Reforming Process PDF
Listyanto Adinugroho, Riyanto Bambang
Development of Obstacle Avoidance Sensor form Micro Aerial Vehicle Based on Infrared Temperature Sensor PDF
Widyawardana Adiprawita, Adieb Aryasepta Haryadi, Arief Syaichu Rochman
Thrust Analysis of A Fish Robot Actuated by Piezoceramic Composite Actuators PDF
Q. S. Nguyen, H. C. Park, D. Y. Byun
Design and Construction of Rotating Ultra-Sonic Ranging Device for Environmental Sensing PDF
Widyawardana Adiprawita
Infra-red Face Recognition Using Ensemble Back-propagation Neural Networks PDF
Benyamin Kusumoputro, Lina Lina
Efficient Goal Seeking for Robots in Unknown Environments with Wall like Obstacles PDF
V. R. Jisha, D. Ghose
Uncertainty Quantification for a Flapping Airfoil with a Stochastic Velocity Deviation PDF
Liangyu Zhao, Shuxing Yang
Finite Energy Coverage Control with Limited Range Anisotropic Sensor for Mobile Sensor Networks PDF
Risvan Dirza, Masayuki Fujita, Riyanto Bambang
Adaptive, Integrated Guidance and Control Design for Automatic Landing of a fixed Wing UAV PDF
Boo Min Kim, Byoung Soo Kim, Cheolgun Ha

ISSN: 2508-4127