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Mimicking Unfolding Motion of a Beetle Hind Wing

Muhammad Azhar, Hoon Cheol Park


This paper presents an experiment-based research which aiming to realize artificial hind wing that can mimic the unfolding motion of Allomyrina Dichotoma, an insect in Coleopteran order. Fundamental working principles of beetle wing folding and unfolding mechanism have been studied and pretty much revealed by experimental biologists. With understanding of the principles, the hind wing unfolding mechanism can be mimicked by a combination of creative ideas and state-of-art artificial muscle actuator. In this work, we have devised two types of artificial wings and successfully  demonstrated that they can be unfolded by actuation of shape memory alloy wires, which provide actuation force at the wing base and along the leading edge vein. The folding/unfolding mechanisms may provide an insight for portable nano/micro air vehicles with morphing wings.

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