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A Robust Semi-Decentralized Fault Detection Strategy for Multi-Agent Systems: An Application to a Network of Micro-Air Vehicles

M. R. Davoodi, K. Khorasani, H. A. Talebi, H. R. Momeni


The problem of fault detection (FD) of linear continuous-time multi-agent systems is addressed in this paper. A mixed H/H- formulation of the FD problem using semi-decentralized filters is presented. It is shown that through a decomposition approach the drawbacks of the existing distributed FD design methods in multi-agent systems can be effectively tackled. An extended linear matrix inequality (LMI) characterization is used to reduce the conservativeness of the design solution by introducing additional matrices in order to eliminate the couplings of the Lyapunov matrices with the agent’s matrices. Application of our methodology to a network of micro-air vehicles (MAVs) illustrates the effectiveness and capabilities of our proposed design methodology.

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