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Thrust Analysis of A Fish Robot Actuated by Piezoceramic Composite Actuators

Q. S. Nguyen, H. C. Park, D. Y. Byun


In this work, a three-dimension simulation model was built for a tail fin of a fish robot actuated by piezoceramic composite actuator to find out a best tail-beat frequency. First, a simulation for the tail fin at a tail-beat frequency
was carried out to confirm a measured thrust data in the previous study. The computed and measured thrusts were in good agreement. Then, a series of thrust simulations were conducted for various tail-beat frequencies to confirm the best tail-beat frequency, which was obtained from the thrust measurement in the previous study. The largest thrust was calculated at 3.7Hz of tail-beat frequency, when vortices around the cross section were fully separated. The calculated best tail-beat frequency well agreed with measured one.

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