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Pitch and Yawing Fin Control Maneuver on Quadrotor

K. Muljowidodo, W. H. Kurniantoro, Sapto Nugroho


Multi rotor aircraft (ex: Quadroror) have been developed for some advantages reason than a conventional rotary wing aircraft. Some sub
system to support this environment have been invented. The Quadrotor that has developed on center for unmanned system adopt the drag fin
principles to control the stability. The conventional quadrotor UAV used variable speed rotor methods to control the maneuver. Integrated with attitude sensor like AHRS (Attitude heading and Reference system) that
consist of 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyro, and 3 axis magnetometer. All of this system embedded on autopilot control system. Diferential speed control have same disadvantages especially on response time. All response very influenced by quality of motor and driver. All rotor must have capability to change the speed at very instant time. This requirement makes some development of this type of UAV need a higher cost. Drag fin
control system concepts generally just make some disturbance around the rotor fluid flow. This disturbance make some unbalance moment and forces on overall body of quadrotor. This moment and forces generate action control to this quad rotor. Some design consideration of yawing and Pitch Fin on quad rotor will be presented on this paper.

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