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Development of Quad Rotor Based UAV Model of Flying Car

K. Muljowidodo, Djarot Widagdo


Flying car has been seen as a viable personal vehicle for inner and inter city transportion. From design view, such a hybid vehicle is seen as a type of aircraft with a distinct capability of transition from road to air mode operation. As an aircraft, the design concept of flying car can take fixed
wing or rotorcraft configurations where each type has its own advantage and technical challenge.

In this research the quad rotor based UAV is developed as a first step towards the realization of real flying car. The rotorcraft type of the quadrotor configuration is selected to make the transition mode become more flexible. Although developing the model can help to provide the object of study as source of information in the behavior of real size target, the small size model of rotorcraft also have typical greater flight dynamic sensitivities compared to the real bigger size. The previous experience of developing rotorcraft UAV is used to support the current development. The axiomatic design approach is used to define the relation between requirements and the design parameters which then can be used as basic to make assessment on various design concepts.

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