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Modeling and Simulation of Micro-Manipulator Robotic System for Neurosurgery

Ya’akob Yusof, M. R. Arshad


This research focuses on modeling and control simulation of a micro-manipulator robotic system model for neurosurgery application. A highly reliable controller is vital in this type of system. In order to design the controller, we need to initially know the behavior of the whole system, which is its kinematics and dynamic characteristics. This paper first presents the model of this robot using Robotics ToolboxTM. Then, it simulates the kinematics model of the micro-manipulator, as well as the dynamic analysis of it. The workspace of the robot is also drawn in order to
understand the capability of the micro-manipulator. Lastly, we apply two control techniques on the micro-manipulator model, which are computed torque control and PIDcomputed torque control and make a comparison of the results. From the controller implementation results, PIDcomputed torque control controller emerged as a much better control technique for the micro-manipulator model due to the additional terms to the input of the controller design which reduce the tracking errors. In addition, PID computed torque control method reaches its steady-state faster than computed torque control. For future works, employing a more robust controller that has the capability to smoothen sharp corners and reduce disturbances is considered vital for the success of this manipulation system.

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