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Fluid Structure Interaction Simulation of Flow Field around Elastic Moving Airfoils

T. Nagata, M. Fuchiwaki


Flow field around a moving body is treated as Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI), and these phenomena have been continued a series of moving elastic deformation of the body, vortex generation, growing and development. Recently, the development of MAV and micro flapping robot mode of thin film materials applied the mechanism of insect flight, and have been clarified the elastic deformation of the wing. However, these flow field and characteristics of dynamic force have not been clarified completely. In this paper, we simulate the fluid structure interaction simulation of flow field around an elastic thin film and achieve the bi-directional coupling analysis using ANSYS 12.1/ANSYS CFX 12.1. The purpose of this study is to clarify the effect of elastic deformation to vortex flow structure of elastic thin film. The thin film rolls up vortices at the railing edge larger than the thin plate does when the elastic deformation and its acceleration become large.

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