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Design and Implementation of a Danger-aware Operational Flight Program for an Unmanned Helicopter

Hogeun Song, Jungguk Kim, Shin Heu


In this paper, we introduce the design and implementation of the real-time danger-aware Operational Flight Program for the unmanned helicopter’s auto-navigation based on the well-known TMO (Time-triggered Message-triggered Object) scheme. Danger-awareness means that the unmanned helicopter automatically avoids a zone with very high temperature by ascending during auto-navigation. Navigation of the unmanned helicopter is done by the commands on flight mode from our Ground Control System. As the RTOS platform on the Flight Control Computer, a kernel named RT-eCos has been used. The RT-eCos is a real-time kernel that has been developed based on the open source eCos3.0 to support the real-time object model of the TMO scheme. To show timeliness and stability of the navigation system, some simulation results using a HILS system are provided and discussed.

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