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Topology Optimization of a Flapping Wing using Equivalent Static Loads

Jung-Sun Choi, Liangyu Zhao, Gyung-Jin Park, Sunil K. Agrawal, Raymond M. Kolonay


The flapping wing of a micro air vehicle is optimized to enhance performance while some rigidity is kept with minimum mass. A work flow for the design of the flapping wing is defined. The performances to be enhanced are thrust coefficient and propulsive efficiency. The flapping kinematics of the flapping wing is determined by solving a path optimization problem which maximizes the performances. The optimization process is carried out based on a well defined surrogate model. The surrogate model is made from the results of two-dimensional fluid dynamic analysis. The Kriging method is employed to establish the surrogate model and a genetic algorithm is utilized for the multi-objective function problem. Dynamic topology optimization is performed to find the distribution of reinforcement. Certain rigidity can be kept by the results of topology optimization. A dynamic topology optimization method is developed by modification of the equivalent static loads method for non linear static response structural optimization. Three-dimensional computational fluid dynamic analysis is performed based on the optimum values of the path optimization to evaluate the external loads for the topology optimization process. It is found that the topology results are quite similar to the practical product. The process of the defined work flow is materialized by interfacing various software systems.

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