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Highly Sophisticated Network System using Micro Air Vehicles and Wireless Networks for Enhanced Safety against Natural Disasters

Satoshi Fujii, Noriaki Yoshikawa, Kenzo Nonami


This paper presents the concept of a highly sophisticated network system using Micro Air Vehicles (MAV) and wireless networks for enhanced safety against natural disasters. The system consists of MAVs and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV). Each vehicle has a wireless network unit, which employs the dual-mode Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment (WAVE) in a 5 GHz or 700 MHz band, which can create a multi-hop (more than three hops) ad hoc network. These features enable the system to facilitate rescue and relief operations in the event of serious disasters. The proposed system represents a novel innovation in the field of mesh network systems, based on a combination of ubiquitous MAVs and UGVs.

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