A Linear Dynamic Model Approximation of a Flapping-type Tidal Turbine

Indra Hartarto Tambunan, Taesam Kang, Hoon Cheol Park, Jin Hwan Ko


In this paper, a linear dynamic model of flapping-type tidal turbine (FTT) is proposed. First, a nonlinear dynamic model is derived to predict the equation of motion of the system. Then, the nonlinear dynamic model was analyzed and validated using simulation and experimental data. Second, a linear dynamic model is derived from the nonlinear dynamic model using approximation method. To validate this method, the proposed linear dynamic model is analyzed and validated using simulation and experimental results. This dynamic model is also compared to another linearization method. The result showed that the proposed linear dynamic model could represent the characteristic of the system as in the nonlinear dynamic model.


Flapping Type Turbine (FTT); Tidal Turbine; Linear Model; Dynamic Model

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