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Linear Parameter Varying Identification of Vertical - Longitudinal Dynamic of A Small Size Helicopter (XCell 60) Model

Agus Budiyono, Tata Sudiyanto


Compared to their full-sized counterparts, rotorcraft-based UAVs exhibits more complex properties. Helicopters, specifically, have more to deal with in hover flight since vertical-longitudinal dynamic couples with that of lateral-directional. While in cruise flight, they behave like fixed wings, and more for higher cruise speed. This non-linearity traditionally was dealt by linearizing it over a set of operating points where a gain scheduling mechanism can be applied. The drawback of this approach is that control designs based on linearized dynamics might become deteriorated when it
is applied beyond the vicinity of equilibrium. In contrast, LPV control technique explicitly takes into account the change in performance due to real-time parameter variations. Therefore, this control technique gives a promising potential in designing control systems which is robust over the entire operating envelope. In this study, we investigate a new approach implementing model identification for use in the LPV control framework. The identification scheme employs recursive least square technique implemented on the LPV system represented by dynamics of helicopter during a transition. The airspeed as the scheduling of parameter trajectory is not assumed to vary slowly. The exclusion of slow parameter change requirement allows for the application of the algorithm for aggressive
maneuvering capability without the need of expensive computation.

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