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A Modified Framework for Longitudinal Dynamic Stability Analysis on Vertical Takeoff of an Insect- Mimicking Flapping-Wing Micro Air Vehicle

Loan Thi Kim Au, Hoang Vu Phan, Kim Sang Tran, Hoon Cheol Park, Agus Budiyono


In the conventional frameworks for dynamic flight stability analysis, the linearized equations of motion are based on small disturbances from trim condition. This method may be not applicable for vertical takeoff analysis on an insect-mimicking flapping-wing micro air vehicle (FW-MAV) because of two reasons. First, the trim condition is unknown. Second, the initial flight condition, which was at rest on the ground, may be such a large disturbance from the equilibrium that the linearization is invalid. Here, we provide a framework for analyzing the vertical takeoff of an insect-mimicking FW-MAV without acquiring the trim condition. The reference flight condition for disturbances was chosen to be close to the initial flight condition, so that the linearization is applicable. To define the stability derivatives in the equations of motion, the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software of ANSYS Fluent was used to compute the forces and pitching moments when the FW-MAV operated at various vertical flight speeds and inclined angles from the vertical line. By solving the equations of motion, the behavior of vertical takeoff of the FW-MAV could be analyzed and theoretically reproduced its actual vertical takeoff.

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