Progress Status of ITB Hybrid AUV Development

K Muljowidodo, Sapto Adinugroho, Nico Prayogo


The hybrid AUV has been developed for the last year by Center for Unmanned System Studies (CentrUMS)-ITB. The main concept of this hybrid AUV is to combine the Sea Glider concept and also the common AUV. By the sea glider concept, the buoyancy engine principal has been adopted to support the capability to manipulate the overall dynamic buoyancy from main body vehicle. By this engine, the vehicle has capability to change the state from fully afloat, neutral buoyant and fully submerged. From the common AUV concept, the ultimate survey capability has been adopted. Several sensors for underwater survey will be attached on this vehicle. This research needs multi-year to its completion. Step-by-step method has been carried out to finish the design until testing. In this paper, some progress will be shown according to multi-year project research.


Hybrid AUV; Sea Glider; buoyancy Engine; Bouyancy

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