Marine and Underwater Science and Technology


Ocean covers approximately 72% of Earth's surface from which only 5% has been explored. It houses more than two million marine species, forms part of the carbon cycle and influences climate and weather patterns. The study of ocean, its exploration and responsible exploitation is therefore pivotal to the sustainability of life on earth and the future of the humankind.

The Marine and Underwater Science Technology is established to capture, record and disseminate the critical findings and development in the study of ocean as habitat and marine and underwater technology as an instrument of its exploration. The editor welcomes original contribution in all relevant subject areas in its broadest sense which include not only engineering but also social, economic and management aspects of ocean exploration. Leading-edge research work would be given the priority for publication, but high consideration would be given as well to comprehensive review paper as well as outcome of ongoing research demonstrating the relevant activities of working marine scientists.

MUST is published in collaboration with International Society of Intelligent Unmanned Systems.  

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