Vol 2, No 3 (2014)

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Editorial note

Editorial Note PDF
Agus Budiyono

Research Paper

Analytic Optimal-Based Time Horizon Using Pontryagin's Maximum Principle for Spatial Navigation PDF
Oren Gal 105-118
A Novel Study on Data Rate by the video Transmission for Teleoperated Road Vehicles PDF
Tito Tang, Frederic Chucholowski, Min Yan, Markus Lienkamp 119-124
Model Prediction Algorithm and Co-Design of Time Delayed Networked Control Systems PDF
Mary Reena K E, Abraham T Mathew, Lillykutty Jacob 125-134
Controller for Attitude Stabilization with Disturbance Rejection for Steady Hover of Rotary-Wing Flying Robot PDF
Sarbari Datta, Umesh Patkar, S J Majumder, M C Majumder 135-143
Autonomous Control of a Quadrotor UAV using Fuzzy Logic PDF
Vijaykumar Sureshkumar FNU, Kelly Cohen 144-155

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