Vol 3, No 3 (2015)

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Research Paper

Evaluation of Display Methods for Teleoperation of Road Vehicles PDF
Frederic Emanuel Chucholowski 80-85
Development of Gyroscopic Thrust Vectoring system in Flapping Wing MAVs without Empennage PDF
Suseendar Marimuthu, V. Shraveen, L. J. Yang, H. K. Chuan, T. Rangaswamy, K. Elangovan 86-91
Design and Analysis of Modular, Portable, Rapid Deployment Autonomous Surveillance UAV System PDF
Imron Anshori Shodiq, Sufendi Lie, Luqman Haris, Pepi Saepudin, Aris Budiyarto, Agus Budiyono 92-98
Optimization Design of PID Controller Parameters Based on Nelder Mead Algorithm for Stepper Motors PDF
Wudhichai Assawinchaichote, Vunlop Sinlapakun 99-107
Fault-Tolerant Control of Quadrotor Helicopter Using Gain-Scheduled PID and Model Reference Adaptive Control PDF
Iman Sadeghzadeh, Ankit Mehta, Youmin Zhang 108-118

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