Unlocking Transformation: AI Implementation for Enhanced Telecommunication Managed Services

Ary Setijadi, Agus Sukoco, Eko Santoso, Edy Susilo, Teddy Hartoko, Andi Adriansyah, Bambang Jokonowo, Agus Budiyono


In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands out as a powerful catalyst for optimizing operational efficiency and elevating service quality. This paper delves into the strategic process of implementing AI within telecommunication managed services, spotlighting its profound effects on predictive maintenance, network optimization, incident management, and service provisioning. The study presents a holistic approach encompassing data audit and preparation, AI model development, rigorous testing, seamless integration, and continuous training and support. By documenting this journey, the paper not only chronicles the process but also serves as an enlightening guide for businesses embarking on AI-driven transformations. Through this exploration, the paper underscores how AI has the potential to reshape managed services, leading to streamlined resource allocation, minimized downtime, improved service quality, and operational excellence.


telecommunication managed services, predictive maintenance, network optimization, incident management, and service provisioning, AI


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