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Eileen Park

JIAS is published using a hybrid delayed open-access model in which the open-access articles would be freely accessible 12 months after its publication date. At the recommendation of the editor, the publisher might occasionally publish a subscription-based issue. Journal subscribers can access all the content immediately upon publication. The subscription both for individual and institutional can be arranged by contacting the subscription manager.

Individual Subscriptions

Individual subscriptions require login to access subscription content.

Name Format Duration Cost
Standard individual subscription
For a non-member of ISIUS
Online 1 year 310.00 (USD)
Student subscription
For individual with a valid student status during the period of subscription.
Online 1 year 150.00 (USD)

Institutional Subscriptions

Institutional subscriptions do not require login. The user's domain and/or IP address is used to provide access to subscription content.

Name Format Duration Cost
Association Subscription
Applicable to relevant associations through collaboration with the publisher
Online 1 year 5745.00 (USD)
Library subscription
Subscription associated with library of universities or research centers.
Online 1 year 3975.00 (USD)

ISSN: 2288-582X