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Mathematical Modelling of Hexacopter System: A Port-Hamiltonion Approach

F. A. Azis, R. Akmeliawati, S. Ahmad


This paper describes the mathematical modelling of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of multirotor system based on energy-preserving of port-controlled Hamiltonian (PCH) approach. In this paper, a model of UAV or hexacopter consist of six rotors, with three pairs of counter-rotating fixed-pitch blades is used to derive the basic mathematical modelling of the system. This model then can be used to develop proper method for stabilization and trajectory control of the hexacopter system. The model is based on the total energy in the system and is separated into subsystem which utilized the exist interconnections. The main advantages of this PCH approach due to preservation of the nonlinearity of the model by using port-controlled Hamiltonian system and the energy balance in the system can be attained by
shaping the internal energy while stabilizing the system.

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