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Operation Design of CentrUMS-ITB SWASH Vehicle

K. Muljowidodo, Sapto Adi Nugroho, Widyanto Wibowo


As archipelago country, the needs of Marine Vehicles have increased day by day according to the utilization benefits and minimum risk during the operation [1]. Some of the main task has proved just only carried by Marine Unmanned Vehicle. One of them is an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV). Which has the ability to do a good observation at sea level or below sea level. This vehicle has a feature in the design, which is where the most of the structure placed under the surface, only part of the Main mast that appear on the surface. This type of Marine vehicle is called the Semisubmersible Marine vehicle. By the wetted area characteristic, this vehicle can known as Small Waterplane Are Single Hull (SWASH).

This vehicle must have good condition whether on docking condition or Operation condition. The Main task for this vehicle is as a Unmanned Marine Surveillance Agent. This paper will discuss the operational design and control mode of this vehicle. Some of the detail calculation to determine the characteristic of this vehicle will be discussed on the part of this paper.

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