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The Study on Stability and Seakeeping Characteristics of the Swimmer Delivery Vehicle in Surfacing Condition

Good Rindo, Gunawan Dwi Haryadi, Ahmad Fauzan Zakki


Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV) is a portable surface and submersible military instrument designed to transport diver from a combat swimmer unit or naval Special Forces underwater, over long distances. Although SDV usually carry a pilot, co-pilot, and combat swimmer team and their equipment, however it is possible only for two persons which are the pilot and co-pilot as the combat swimmer team.

The paper has focused on the study of stability and seakeeping characteristics of the swimmer delivery vehicle for two persons in surfacing condition. The intact stability characteristics will be investigated at the various load cases and weight distribution configurations which are influenced by the heavy battery locations. Regarding the seakeeping performance analysis, the Bretschneider or ITTC formula with 2 parameters will be adopted as the wave spectrum at the wave parameters defined from the operational environment. The influence of the parameters on the  stability and seakeeping of the swimmer delivery vehicle are presented and discussed.

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IMO Resolution A.749(18) Ch3 - Design criteria applicable to all ships

Oslon, J.R., (1978). “An Evaluation of The Seakeeping Qualities of Naval Combats”, Naval Engineers Journal, Vol 90, No. 1, pp 23-40.



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