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Design and Analysis of Low Speed Vertical Axis Type Sea Current Turbine

Bambang Nugraha, Krisnaldi Idris, Gatot Dwianto, Sapto Adi Nugroho


The Needs on renewable energy sources that are environmentally friendly and sustainable lately become a central issue in every country. Indonesia as an archipelago country with the most of area is coverage by ocean, have some advantage to utilize it. The one of the potential energy source is from sea current . Sea current have more advantages than another source on the ocean, especially on the most predictable of the characteristic. The main mechanism of sea current dominated by the gravity force between earth and moon, or common known as tides mechanism.

The goal for this research is how to design the most effective and efficient power generation system by sea current turbine that can operate on slow water current speed. This paper will discuss how to design and analysis  vertical axis type of sea current turbine. Some of the design aspect will be described on this paper.

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