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Vaporizer Design for T70 Turbocharger-Based Turbojet Combustion Chamber Using CFD Analysis Method

Kevin Kusnadi, Firman Hartono, M. Agoes Moelyadi


This report discuss about vaporizer design for turbocharger-based combustion chamber. The purpose of designing vaporizer for combustion chamber is to modify a turbocharger to become a turbojet. Later on, the modified turbocharger could be used as propulsion system on a small aerial vehicle. T70 turbocharger compressor and turbine data charts were obtained from the manufacturer, meanwhile for the other dimensions were obtained from direct measurement. The design process was based on reference book entitled "Gas Turbine Combustion". During the design process, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) numerical simulation was also being done with the help of ANSYS as the CFD software. For the CFD simulation, k-epsilon, eddy dissipation, and P1 was used as the turbulence model, combustion model, and radiation model respectively. The simulation results were then compared with the previous design for further improvement of the design. This iteration process keeps going untuk the design parameters were achieved. The final combustion chamber design is 30 cm long with 80 cm diameter using the tubular/can type with vaporizer. Simulation result showed that the total pressure loss was 19%, pattern factor <2%, and liquid fuel was fully vaporized. The total pressure loss was still to high, but in terms of flow uniformity and evaporation conditions, the result was up to the design target.

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