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The Investigations of Horizontal and Vertical Resistance for the Swimmer Delivery Vehicle on Submerged Condition

Muhammad Iqbal, Deddy Chrismianto, Ahmad Fauzan Zakki


This paper is concentrated on the investigation of horizontal and vertical drag/resistance of submerged Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV). For initial estimation, the resistance investigation was carried out by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) approach using a CFD code called Tdyn. Navier-Stoke
Solver was used in Tdyn to solve the fluid flow. The k-ω shear-stress-transport (SST) model was selected for turbulence model. The investigation were carried out at several speeds from 1 to 6 knots for horizontal direction and from 1 to 3 knots for vertical direction with main dimension 4 x 2 x 1,24 m or 1 : 1 scale with single-phase of fluid.

The results of calculation show that the horizontal direction drag is 873,42 N at 6 knot and the vertical direction drag is 7659 N at 3 knot. The resistance of 3 knot vertical direction is higher than horizontal direction with very far distance because of the different of frontal area that to be faced with fluid of the swimmer delivery vehicle. 1 knot speed was considered as maximum vertical direction speed because its resistance is 520 N.

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