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Experimental Study on the Performance of a Double-pump Hybrid Actuator

Xiao Long Jin, Yong Zhe Li, Nam Seo Goo, Tae Heun Kim, Chang Seop Lee


In this paper, a double-pump design has been investigated, to achieve high output blocking force of hybrid piezoelectric-hydraulic actuator. Connection method and driving method, key design factors, were considered. Among four kinds of combinations, three kinds of double-pump designs were carried out. A manual valve system was installed for switching of a series and parallel modes. Input signals were controlled by LabVIEW program for an 1800 phase difference of cross driving method). In order to ensure the same performance between the two pumps, two same piezo-stacks and amplifiers were used. The results showed that an outstanding maximum blocking force was measured as 3009N, when using cross driving-series connection combination was used with 200Hz pumping frequency.

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