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Single Chip Controller Design for Piezoelectric Actuators Using FPGA

Min-ho Yoon, Sun-ki Hong, Tae-sam Kang, Jeong-hoi Gu


The piezoelectric actuating device that consist of piezoelectric material is known for large power density with simple structure. It can generate large force than the conventional actuator and it has also wide bandwidth with fast response in a compact size. To control the piezoelectric actuator, we need analog signal conditioning circuit as well as digital microcontrollers. Conventional microcontrollers are not equipped with analog part and need digital to analog converters in addition to the embedded analog to digital converters, which makes the system bulky compared with the small size of the piezoelectric devices. To overcome these weaknesses, we are developing single-chip controller that can handle analog and digital signals simultaneously using mixed signal FPGA technology. We used the Smart Fusion FPGA device that integrates ARM®Cortex-M3, analog interface and FPGA fabric in a single chip and offering full customization. It gives more flexibility than traditional fixed-function microcontrollers with the excessive cost of soft processor cores on traditional FPGAs. In this paper we introduce the design of a single chip controller using mixed signal FPGA, Smart Fusion device. To demonstrate its performance, we implemented a PID controller and PWM generator in the FPGA fabric. PWM generator and PID controller showed the effective regulation of a simple 1st order plant.

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