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Blocking Force Measurement of a Piezoelectric Stack Actuator Made of Single Crystal Layers (PMN-29PT)

Kim Sang Tran, Hoang Vu Phan, Hoon Cheol Park, Ho Yong Lee


In this paper, we present actuation performance of a piezoelectric stack actuator. The stack actuator was made of 40 single crystal (PMN-29PT) layers with an area of 10x10 mm2, and thickness of 1mm. The stack actuator aims to maximize actuation capability by utilizing the higher piezoelectric strain coefficient in the thickness direction (d33). An electro-conductive adhesive was used for bonding each layer and a thin copper foil (60mm) was inserted in between two layers as an external electrode. In determining d33, the PMN-29PT stack actuator was actuated by applying DC voltage, and actuation displacement was measured by a laser sensor. From the measurement, d33 of the stack actuator was about 2,000 (pm/V). To measure the blocking force of the stack actuator, we built a testing method, where dummy weights can be applied over the top of the actuator and measure its actuation displacement. The measured blocking force turned out to be close to the predicted one, which is about 223 N.

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