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A Study on Mechanism of Assisted Robot used in Dental Implant Surgery

Sanghwa Jeong


Implant surgery is generally accepted as the good technique to replace the teeth completely. Since implant surgery patients are increased every year, researches on implant surgery are actively progressing globally. Most of the current researches on dental oral surgery are focused on two issues. One focuses on pre-operative planning and the other is in enhancing 3D visualization to give the better visual help during the surgery. However, success or not of dental implant surgery is affected not only by accurate pre-operative planning but also by ability of surgeon in intra-operative. In spite of the excellent pre-operative planning, the hand tremble of a dentist caused by vibration of drill, the mobility of patient, the fatigue of operator and unskillfulness turn down the success rate of the dental implant surgeries.

In this paper, the mechanism of the angle adjustment device for dental implant surgery is designed and simulated. A target point does not move during angular adjustment of the ARIS (Assisted Robot for Implant Surgery) by using the RCM (Remote Center of Motion) mechanism which has double parallelogram structure. The dynamic behaviors of RCM mechanism are observed by visualizing a virtual prototype on the computer screen.

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