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Behavior-based Control of Two Mobile Robots in Parallel Formation

P. V. Manivannan


In the past twenty years, with the introduction of self-guided tractor-trailers and agro-bots, robotics and automation has played an insignificant role in agriculture. Apart from sowing, ploughing and harvesting, other tasks include pruning, spraying, weed removal and thinning. For such uses, the robots have to be employed in two types of formations – one after the other as well as one next to the other, attached with the special equipments. This paper deals with a flexible type of leader-follower formation framework for nonholonomic mobile robots. Here, two mobile robots are made to move in parallel along with sense-think-act behavior. By doing so, the robot can move side-byside when required or break the formation to be used individually. So the robots can be used in parallel for tasks like ploughing two rows in a crop field and be detached to be used as a single robot in weeding. Such flexible formations also help in avoiding parking space constraints.

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