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Evaluation of an Easy Operation System for Unmanned Helicopter

M. Miwa


In this study, we present a remote control support system (RCSS) consists of hobby class radio controlled helicopter and microcomputers, various sensors. The aim of this system is simplification of the control operation and safety improvement for aerial photographing and beginner’s flight. Also Wii Remote (game controller) is selected as an easy control input device for RCSS. This paper reports some experimental results of trial test flight by in-experienced person. In-experienced persons succeeded to control the test helicopter with Wii Remote and remote control support system in safety.

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K. Hazawa, J. Shin, D. Fujiwara, K. Igarashi, D. Fernando, K. Nonami, Autonomous Flight Control of Unmanned Small Hobby-Class Helicopter Report2 : Modeling Based on Experimental Identification and Autonomous Flight Control Experiments, Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics, Vol.15 No.5,2003, pp.546-554

M. Miwa, K. Kentaro, and T. Kenichi, Evaluation of Remote Control Support System for R/C Helicopter, SICE Annual Conference 2010, p.230, Taipei, Aug. 2010.



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