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Application of Magnetic Exciter for Vibrating Piezo-Composite Generating Elements in a Small-Scale Windmill

Zhefeng Xuan, Hung Truyen Luong, Nam Seo Goo


In this paper, we introduce the application of a magnetic force exciter to vibrate the piezo-composite generating element (PCGE) in a small–scale windmill as shown in Figure 1. The windmill was designed with the suitable size so that it can operate in urban region to generate electricity. The magnetic exciter contains the exciting magnets attached to the rotary disk and a secondary magnet fixed at the tip of the PCGE. When the wind force applies to blade, rotary disk will rotate and create interactive magnetic force to excite PCGE. The deformation of the PCGE enables it produce the electric power. The lager deformation, the higher voltage is created.

The interactive magnetic force is dependent on the number of exciting magnets and gap between the exciting magnets and the secondary magnet. To obtain the highest output electrical energy, the magnet gap d must be optimized. For this goal, we performed experiments for various number of exciting magnets on rotor together with the change of wind speed and magnet gaps.

The result of experiments withdraws the condition that the device produces the most electricity at the magnet gap of 8mm. The results show that the prototype of small-scale windmill with the application of magnetic force exciter can successfully harvest wind energy to produce electric energy in urban region.


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