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Design and Testing of Trirotor VTOL UAV

K. Muljowidodo, K. Judhoyono, Sapto Adi Nugroho


VTOL UAV promises some advantages as a VTOL vehicle evenly as manual operation or in advance autonomous. On recently years some research on multi rotor dominated with quad rotor UAV. Some results shows good on mechanical configuration, advanced control and also some applications. The application of this kinds VTOl UAV shows in civil until military. But some research to make this kinds of VTOL UAV reach on how to minimize the number of rotor. The smaller number of rotor will reduce the complexity on mechanical and construction arrangement. And the smaller configuration or arrangement make reduction of weight. The Trirotor is the new configuration and focus of our research center on VTOL multi Rotor UAV. Some Trirotor UAV prototype have build to make some studies for learning and analysis the flight characteristic of this kind of multi rotor VTOL UAV. This paper presents about the design new concepts of Trirotor VTOL UAV with dual capability and mode operation: Hovering and Cruising Mode. Some design approach methods and step by step to build the prototype and some testing results will be described on this paper.

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