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Development of a Scaled VTOL Flying-Car Based on Tandem-Rotors

Sehoon Jang, Ji Tae Kim, Boo Min Kim, Chong Hyun Cho, Byoung Soo Kim


In this paper, a flying-car means a vehicle to use the road traffic in current. In other word flying-car has two modes (Road Mode and Flight Mode). So flying-car‟s width should be smaller than road width and procedure of converting mode should be simple and quick. In addition, its handling should be easy. This paper presents the design, fabrication and test including ground running and flight of a flying-car, which has configured with tandem-rotors. This type of the flying-car can make take-off and landing without the runway. The designed flying-car in this paper (named GAON) has 4-blades to shorten the length of rotor blade and make decrease tip-loss. Furthermore, the suspension system for shock is installed in the chassis. For safe flight, stability augmentation system and command augmentation system are designed in GAON.

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