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Master-Slave Control of Manipulated Robot by Levenberg Marquardt Method

Mingyuan Gao


This paper introduces a master-slave system in which a robot can be manipulated by a human-input device. This system consists of 21-links FST (Flexible Sensor Tube) as the master and a 7-axes hand-arm as the slave. The FST consists of many bending joints and rotational joints that can make the operator move more freely. In this paper, Levenberg Marquardt (LM) method, which is one kind of numerical calculation methods, is used for inverse kinematics calculation. The total process is written as follows. First, the position and the orientation at the end-effector of the FST are calculated by forward kinematics based on the potentiometer values. These values become the desired position and the orientation of the slave. Second, the values are trasnsformed into the desired angles of the slave by the LM method. Finally, the slave is controlled according to the desired trajectories. From the experimental data, compared with other inverse kinematics method, the effectiveness of the LM method is proved.

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