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Control of Ducted Fan Flying Object using Thrust Vectoring

Shigematsu Yuki


Recently R/C helicopter is used in fields of aerial photography and aerial investigation. But helicopter rotor blade is not covered, and the thrust is generated by very high rotational speed. So R/C helicopter has a high risk. In this study, we develop the new flying object that using ducted fans instead of rotor blades. In the experiment, we succeeded to achieve stable hovering by 3-axis (roll, pitch and yaw axis) attitude control. But pitch and roll axis caused steady state error, so we are looking the solution. Way of solution, use to PI-D control to eliminate these steady state error.

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Kenzo Nonami, Recent Research Activities of Autonomous Flight Control of Unmanned Small Hobby-Class Helicopter, Chiba Univ 2004.

Kawata Masakatu and NishiokaKatsuhiro, control engineering, Publications Morikita



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