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Analysis of Aerodynamics of Ducted Rotor Based Flying Car in Ground Effect

M. A. Moelyadi


This paper presents Zenith flying car which is designed to operate in near ground surface and/or on road. Effect of ground on aerodynamic  performance of flying car and its thrust of ducted is necessary to investigate. Analysis is conducted using Computational Fluid Dynamics based on solution of Navier-Stokes equations with k-ε and SST. Results show the ground has a positive effect on endurance and range. Vortices obtained due to rotors or body interaction shows different characteristics at the variation of ground distance.

Furthermore, the study of the propulsion system of the flying car in ground effect in more detail is carried out without including the flying car body with the intention of complexity reduction of simulation. The study uses ducted coaxial rotor configuration in hover condition conducted at rotational speed 8000 rpm with the blade size of 10x4.5 inch. The variation of rotor spacing, duct configurations (nozzle 19A and straight duct), and ground distances is investigated to know their influences on flow characteristics and resulting thrust. The results show the greater distance of the rotor, the greater overall hover performance of the two rotors. Nozzle 19A can produce greater thrust than the straight duct. In addition, the greater the  distance of ground, greater thrust generated.

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