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Design and Demonstration of Wing Deployment Mechanism of an Insect-Mimicking Flapping-Wing System

B. W. Argyoganendro, H. C. Park, N. S. Goo, D. Y. Byun


This paper presents experimental studies to realize compact and durable insect- mimicking flapping-wing micro micro air vehicles (FW-MAVs) by implementing hind wing deployment mechanism of Allomyrina dichotoma, an insect in coleopteran order. Based on the understanding of the wing deployment mechanism of beetle hind wing, the wing deployment mechanism is mimicked by combining creative ideas and lightweight materials. We devised two wing deployment mechanisms which are able to mimic the wing deployment principles of beetle hind wing. Through a series of tests, we  confirmed that the developed mechanisms are able to maintain fully deployed configuration even during flapping motion.

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