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Dynamic Modeling and Control System Design for Coaxial Quadrotor

G. B. Raharja, K. Gyoubeom, Y. Kwangjoon


This paper presents a dynamic modeling with the validation and design of control system for a coaxial quadrotor. On every axis of the quadrotor installed two motors and propellers coaxially, thus it has eight in total. This configuration designed to fulfill the required higher thrust rather than an ordinary quadrotor and expected to be simpler on structure design rather than an octa-rotor vehicle. The modeling and control design approach developed based on the quadrotor helicopter as the both have the same airframe configuration. An onboard control system powered by a classical control as the minimum requirement has been installed to perform a flight test. The flight test data used to validate the model under simulation process. The mathematical model has been verified and the vehicle is able to perform a flight with a better performance of thrust generation. This configuration could be reliable for some surveillance mission after an optimal control implemented for the future works.

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