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Control System Design for a Small Size Multi-Rotor MAV

W. Wang, K. Nonami


MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) can be used for many applications such as the investigation of inhospitable environments, regions contaminated by nuclear pollution or hazardous material and other inaccessible areas. For such kind of purposes, a small machine that can autonomously fly seems to be useful. Our MAV research group designed a Six-Rotor type MAV with 900mm of diameter, 1.1Kg of weight, 2Kg of payload and 15 minutes of flight duration without payload. To achieve autonomous flight control, we designed Multi loop control system for our platform. The common equipment of measuring the attitude of MAVs is an expensive IMU sensor. To reduce the development cost, instead of using an IMU sensor we select three gyro sensors and one three axes accelerometer to estimate the attitude of our platform. In this paper, we present the main design considerations which are essential for the construction of Six-Rotor type MAV and controller design technique.

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