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Automatic Vision-Based Forest Fire Detection Technologies for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Chi Yuan, Youmin Zhang, Zhixiang Liu


Forest fires are a universal problem that destroy large amount of natural resources, but also wreaks general havoc on wildlife and their natural habitat, destroy ecosystems and creates environmental pollution. Firefighting is one of today’s most important events for natural and environmental resources protection and conservation. UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) with remote sensing systems offer rapid and low-cost approaches and have great potential for forest fire detection which have attracted researchers’ attention worldwide. This paper reviews the existing vision-based automatic forest fire detection technologies for UAVs. The promising advantages and benefits of applying the UAVs tool in forests fire detection are assessed. Several forest fire detection systems using UAVs are listed and a general description of the UAVs based forest fire detection system is presented. Lots of papers referred to automatic vision-based forest fire detection methods/algorithms are identified. Some challenging issues and suggestion of future research directions in the area of vision-based forest fires detection through the use of UAVs are also addressed.

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