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Actuator Stuck Fault Compensation Design for Linear System Under Actuator Constraints: A Solution for Autonomous Vehicles

Xin Qi, Didier Theilliol, Juntong Qi, Jean Christophe Ponsart, Chong Wu, Youmin Zhang, Jianda Han


In order to ensure the reliability and safety of autonomous vehicles, actuator constraints and actuator faults should be considered in the design of the controller. In this paper, we novelly regard actuator stuck faults as actuator constraints. The main contribution is to extend the existing results for actuator saturations, in terms of invariant set estimating, to systems in the
presence of actuator stuck fault under actuator constraints. Note that, both original constraints and new constraints of actuators are unsymmetrical. Moreover, the method is expressed as linear matrix inequalities (LMIs). Stuck-fault compensation approach is proposed to reduce conservative property of the available results represented by ellipsoid invariant set. Examples are presented to illustrate the above consequences.

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