Studies on Customer Attractiveness and Customer Purchase Intention to “LCDC” Vehicles Made in Indonesia

Herry Hudrasyah


In September 2013, the Ministry of Industrial Affair, the Republic of Indonesia issued a regulation No.33 /M-IND/PER/7/2013 about Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) in Indonesia.

The regulation was made to control the production of LCGC as the solution to reduce energy usage and pollution, and maximize local component usage until 80%.

One of the point in the regulation is Indonesia produce LCGC has to put a new logo (Brand Identity) which will be applied to the vehicle body that reflect of Indonesian identity to deliver impression that LCGC is Indonesian product.

This research attempts to study correlation of Indonesian consumers’ perception towards new logo of LCGC Indonesia vehicle. That aims for building feeling of nationalism and purchase intention. This study also tries to find out the appropriate communication method in order to support logo as the stimuli to deliver message that LCGC is Indonesia’s national product. Qualitative and quantitative methods (mix media) are implemented in this research.The car brands that are studied as the sample of LCGC are 1.Honda Brio Satya, 2.Toyota Agya, 3.Daihastu Ayla, and 4.Suzuki Karimun Wagon-R. 

Process of research; first step is conducted with qualitative approach involving six of key informants from Indonesia automotive industry. The second step do Interview with thirty informants (consumer). The third step, gave the questionnaires to one hundred and eighty-nine respondents from Bandung citizen as the population sample.

The research found that Indonesian consumers’ perception on new logo on LCGC has positive and significant correlation to the nationalism (Spearman’s ρ = 0.216, p-value 0.003 at 99% confidence level). Consumers’ nationalism has positive and significant correlation to purchase intention ((Spearman’s ρ= 0.296, p-value 0.000 at 99% confidence level). Consumer thought that they information of LCGC as national product is important. It also found that social and commercial TV advertisement are the most favorable communication model to inform that LCGC is the Indonesian domestic product.


LCGC, New Logo (Brand Identity); Perception; Consumers’ Nationalism; Purchase Intention

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