Machine Vision-based for Development a Sun Tracking using Intelligent Algorithm

Riza Muhida


In this project, Two degree of freedom (DOF) of light tracking system using fuzzy logic control is presented in this paper. The fuzzy control for light tracking system (FLTS) uses a web-camera as a vision sensor, two PC sound cards as output signal controller, and two DC motors as a pan-tilt driver mechanism. The Fuzzy logic controller to control the camera panel angles of light tracking system is designed. Two fuzzy controllers are proposed, one for each motor to produce proper PWM in order to track the light source. A typical FLC includes three basic components, an input signal fuzzification, a fuzzy engine, and an output signal defuzzification. The Fuzzy controller input parameters (Xcp,Ycp) and variation of duty cycle output parameters are used  to generate  the optimal pulse-width- modulated (PWM) to track the light source, such that PWM is generated under different operating conditions to drive the motors. The motors will react accordingly when they receive signal from the sound card to make sure the camera always focuses on the centroid of the light source. The system tested at different locations. The data which were obtained by experiment were able to show a validity of the proposed controller.


DC Motor, Duty Cycle; Fuzzification; Image Processing; PWM; Sound Card; Vision Sensor; Webcamera

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