Review of online Tutoring, mentoring and educational services

Vishnu K Kaliappan


In this book the growth and development of mentoring and tutoring techniques from kindergarten to doctorate is briefly surveyed by the authors. This book is organized into fifteen chapters. The first chapter explains in brief about the telementoring for K-12 students and teachers, where chapter two and three briefs about pre college E-Mentoring system. Chapter four clarifies the new era for mentoring system by connecting the professionals as mentors and mentees from some of the most economically and geographically isolated communities. Next generation mentoring system which has the capabilities to mentor online was surveyed in chapter five and six. From the chapter seven E-Mentoring systems using social software was introduced. The later chapter gives the brief explanation about the community based Mentoring system for emerging doctoral culture. In chapter ten titled “Writing a Dissertation – university of phoenix style” emphasizes the writing and learning style to complete doctorate degree program successfully was discussed. Different methods and techniques for online tutoring are introduced in chapter eleven and twelve. The art of giving options to learners with collaborative method is discussed in detail at chapter thirteen and fourteen. Finally the application of E-Tutoring is briefly discussed in chapter fifteen.


Tutoring, education, mentoring

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Cases on online Tutoring, mentoring and educational services practices and applications by Gray A. Berg, California State University Channel Islands, USA, press 2010, ISBN 978-1-60566-877-2 US$180.00.


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