Design of Mini Mobile Target Torpedo

Nico Prayogo, Agus Budiyono, Tutut Prasetyo, Kurniantoro WHS


This paper presents the design of a Mini Mobile Target Torpedo (MMTT) for training and defense applications. The design process involved a comprehensive approach encompassing preliminary design, hydrodynamic analysis, propulsion system optimization, and stability considerations.

In the preliminary design phase, key objectives and specifications were established, including size, weight, range, and maneuverability. The torpedo's target detection system, propulsion mechanism, and control system were carefully considered to ensure effective operation.

Hydrodynamic analysis played a crucial role in the design process. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations were performed to evaluate the torpedo's hydrodynamic characteristics, including drag, lift, and stability. Iterative adjustments were made to the torpedo's shape and configuration to enhance maneuverability and minimize drag.

The propulsion system was optimized to achieve desired performance and efficiency. Various propulsion technologies, such as electric motors or propellers, were evaluated and integrated into the torpedo's design. Considerations were given to power requirements, speed control, and underwater maneuverability.

Stability considerations were paramount to ensure controllability and reliability. The torpedo's center of gravity, buoyancy, and control surfaces were meticulously calibrated. Stability analysis accounted for different operational scenarios, such as changes in depth, speed, and direction.

The resulting Mini Mobile Target Torpedo combines efficient hydrodynamics, precise maneuverability, and robust stability. Its compact design and advanced systems make it an ideal training and defense tool, enabling realistic target simulations and enhancing operational readiness.

Overall, this paper presents a comprehensive design approach for a Mini Mobile Target Torpedo, providing valuable insights for researchers, engineers, and defense professionals involved in the development of underwater unmanned vehicles.


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